(x) Archon CR
Harbinger 2
Lantern 2
Spyglass 3
Hound 4
Stag 4
Codex 5
Legion 7
Exscinder 12
Trumpet 14
Gate 17
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Celestials
Alignment: Lawful Good
World: Shavarath, the Battlefield


Archons are a race of celestial from one of the outer dimensions, literally physical embodiments of fundamental order and goodness tasked with the promotion of those ideals as well as the protection of all who are innocent or free of evil. They are the natural enemies of all fiends, especially demons, and most are veterans of many attacks against the principles they champion the hordes of evil.

Watched over by benevolent mentors and captains of their divine orders and hierarchies, each archon spirit is encouraged and aided in indulging its fundamental desire to see peace, honesty, and fairness spread across all lands, especially throughout the mortal world. These warriors of law act honorably, even to their foes, but are not foolish or without passion.

These virtuous outsiders prefer to motivate mortals to act with honor and integrity rather than righting mortal wrongs themselves, believing the cause of righteousness is best served by enlightening creatures to make just choices and cast off their own shackles of evil. This makes future temptations easier to resist and plants the seeds of spiritual deliverance. Thus, most archons take a subtle hand in their interactions with mortals, taking special pleasure in bringing solace and reprieve to those who are wholly unaware of their presence.

The efforts of the archons prove far less subtle when it comes to combating the hordes of the fiends, and their armies stand in staunch opposition to the affronts of the demons and devils. They confront these eternally upon the extraplanar battlefield of Shavarath, as well as any other place in the cosmos they can be found to have gained a foothold.

Although archons are champions of good, they have little patience for those who do not follow strict traditions and patterns of goodness. While a cruel dictatorship might be a legitimate enemy of the archon, rebellion and riot is not the proper way to address such an inequality in their opinion. Justice and law must not be abandoned in the constant struggle for peace and good, for in such anarchic actions one often promotes further harm and mayhem, even if unintentionally.

Proper laws exist to minimize collateral damage and unwanted pain, the archons insist, and while adhering to these rules often results in longer struggles, they point out that their victories are more lasting triumphs as a result. Because of this strong adherence to tradition and lawfulness, archons often find themselves the unwilling enemies of chaotic good creatures.


Saves: +4 racial vs Poison.
Immunities: ●Electricity, ●Petrification.
Perception: ●Darkvision 60 feet, ●Low-light vision.
Languages:Celestial (native), ●Syranian, ●Infernal, ●Draconic, ●Truespeech (see below).
Alignment Subtypes: Natural & wielded weapons treated as Lawful & Good for overcoming DR.

Aura of Menace (Su): When an archon fights or gets angry, hostile creatures in a 20-foot radius of it must make Will save, (DC=10+ 1/2 HD +Cha mod +2 racial bonus). Those who fail get −2 on attacks, AC & saves, which lasts for 24 hours or until they manage to hit the archon. Beings who resist or break the effect can't be affected again by same archon's aura for 24 hours.

Truespeech (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a ''tongues'' spell (CL 14). Always active.
Teleport (Su): Can do ''greater teleport'' at will (CL14), but only on self +50 lbs of carried items.

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