Nature: Game mechanics.
Type: Class variant.

There's a lot of "archetypes", which are variants of the basic classes, changing some of the mechanics to fit a specific concept.

There are a LOT of archetypes, for every single class, spread across a large number of books and supplements.

Many of them are really cool, one or two is almost required for a class to work properly, and most of them do at least give more variation and interest. But a fair number are also poorly balanced, badly written, don't fit our setting thematically, or are just badly executed in general.

Our problem is that we simply don't have the time or energy to look over every archetype publiched, and evaluate whether or not it's ok for our game. We would love for the players to have a final list of archetypes they can choose from, but sadly that isn't within out capacity as of now.

But since we also don't want to remove the option entirely, we're gonna run a compromise: Much like other ''added material'', players are free to ask a GM to look over a specific archetype that they player wants to use, and decide if it's ok or not. We'll look at the writeup of individual ones, and see if they make sense or not. If the gm approves it, the player gets to use it.

Basically, we'll handle the archetypes on a case-by-case basis, most of the time.

Approved Archetypes

Below are the various archetypes, usually found in various supplements, that have been approved thus far.


●Armored Hulk


●Court Bard
●Dervish Dancer
●Sea Singer
●Street Performer


●Beast Rider (primarily for hobbits of Talenta origins)
Dashing Hero
●Herald Squire


●Sleuth (treat this archetype as the basic version for this campaign)
●Empiricist (with exception of 20th lvl ability)


●Quinggong (treat this archetype as the basic version for this campaign)
●Drunken Master
●Martial Artist
●Master of Many Styles


●Antipaladin / "blackguard"
●Divine Hunter (especially fitting for followers of the Silver Flame)
●Tempered Champion (from "Weapon Master's Handbook")
●Warrior of the Holy Light




●"Gem Dragon" heritages as Wildblooded option


●Psychic Wizard

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