Inevitable, Arbiter

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Inevitable

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Size: Tiny
CR: 2


Arbiters typically bear the shapes of tiny clockwork spheres of bronze and copper, set with a single eye. They have shiny metal wings and two clawed robot-like hands. Arbiters measure 1 foot in diameter but are surprisingly heavy, weighing 60 pounds. Their ability to fly on their wings of metal is as much a supernatural ability as a physical one.

Generally peaceful unless combating true creatures of chaos, the arbiters prefer to protect their allies or simply compel their enemies to disarm themselves and/or run away. Their most powerful weapon, the ability to release their internal energy as a deadly burst, is reserved for dire need and battles of the utmost service to law, as the resulting period of darkness while they’re powered down is the only thing that seems to truly scare the tiny pseudo-automatons.


Stealthy, observant, and frequently persuasive, arbiter inevitables are the scouts and diplomats of the inevitable race. Found throughout the multiverse in courts and on battlefields, arbiters keep a close eye on the forces of chaos and do their best to keep law-abiding people from straying, while simultaneously winning over the hearts and minds of those who might yet be saved.

Though their assorted abilities make them extremely useful, arbiters see themselves less as servants when they're called to the mortal world, and more as advisors and counselors, preferring to ride around on their summoners’ shoulders and help guide their “partners” on the path of law and order. They detest being summoned by chaotic individuals, and when teamed with such a creature they aren’t above using Diplomacy to try to influence the summoner’s friends or refusing to undertake actions that seem contrary to their programming.

An arbiter who comes across evidence of a significant insurgence of chaos in a given dimension does everything in its power to rally its allies against the dangerous instability. In situations that are clearly beyond its ability to handle it may refuse to continue onward until those it is travelling with agree to help it reach the nearest greater inevitable and make a full report, or else may travel to Daanvi itself and present its urgent information in person.

An arbiter inevitable can serve a spellcaster as a familiar, if he's at least CL 7 and has the "Improved Familiar" feat.

Powers & Abilities

Spell-Like Abilities: Caster Level 2, Concentration +4.
Constant: ●Detect Chaos
3/day: ●Command (DC 13), ●Make Whole, ●Protection from Chaos
1/week: ●Commune (CL 12, 6 questions)

Locate Inevitable (Su): Can always sense the direction of the nearest non-arbiter inevitable on the same plane as itself, the better to help the arbiter report back to its superiors. It can't sense the range to this inevitable.

Constant Vigilance (Su): Gets a +4 bonus to recognize and disbelieve illusions with the (chaotic) descriptor or created by creatures with the (chaotic) subtype.

Electrical Burst (Ex): Can release electrical energy from its body in a 10-foot-radius burst that deals 3d6 electricity damage (DC 13 Reflex for half). Immediately following such a burst, the arbiter becomes stunned for 24 hours. (save DC is Con-based)

Regeneration (2/chaotic): Regains 2 HP per turn, except for damage inflicted by chaos-aligned weapons, attacks or effects.

Truespeech (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as if using the ''tongues'' spell (CL 14). This ability is always active.

Constructed (Ex): They are living outsiders, but their bodies are constructed of physical components, so in many ways they work as constructs.

Close Enough: For the purpose of effects targeting creatures by type (f.ex: Ranger's "favored enemy", or "bane" weapons), they count as both outsiders and constructs.

●Sleep effects
●Death effects
●Necromancy effects
●Mind-affecting effects .

●Nonlethal damage
●Ability damage
●Ability drain
●Energy drain
●Death from Massive Damage
●Any effect that requires a Fortitude save,
unless it also works on items or is harmless

Robustness: They get bonus HP based on their size, in same way as constructs do (Tiny: +0 HP).

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