Arawan d'Lyrandar

art by RuaCharl of DeviantArt


Nature: NPC
Race: Khoravar
Class: Sorcerer / Windwright Captain
Bloodline: Dragonmarked
Dragonmark: Storm (Greater)
Allegiance: House Lyrandar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male

First Encountered: 15.4 "Stormy Showdown in Sharn"

Information: A skyship captain who found the activities of Joherra Backer and her coven to be not just reprehensible and sickening, but also saw what they were doing as a personal insult and directly challenge to himself and his whole faily (bearers of the Dragonmark of Storm).

As such, he contacted heroes of the 'junior wayfinders' organization, since they had successfully opposed the hags before, and made them an offer: He would not just hire them to take down the vile coven, but he'd provide them use of his skyship for this mission, along with the assistance of himself and his crew.

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