Annis Hag
Nature: Race
Type: Monstrous Humanoid
Subtype: Hag

Also Known As: Black Hags, Iron Hags
Alignment: VERY Chaotic Evil
Size: Large
CR: 6

Known powers: Rending claws, covens, "alter self" & "fog cloud" as (Sp).

First Encountered: 14.1 "Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble"


"This repulsive, hunchbacked crone has skin the color of a fresh bruise. Despite her hunch, she looms taller than a human."

As the largest and most physically intimidating of their foul brood, Annis hags are almost giantesses, standing over 8 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds or more. They have iron-hard, warty, toad-like skin that ranges in color from deep blue to purple and black, as well as long, tangled hair.

Their jagged black teeth can crunch through bone, and their claws resemble rusty knives, though they are as sharp as any honed blade. They forgo much of the cunning and deceptiveness of their kind to revel in the more visceral evils of torture and slaughter.


Dwelling in dark caves on the highland heaths, tangled hollows, and the cursed ruins of castles far away on the icy moors or hidden away in frozen swamps, annis hags stalk forth by night to sow fear and hunt the unwary. Although they have cunning minds, annis prove more decadent than most other hags, frequently indulging in their taste for living flesh and the music of pleading screams.

The annis hags are able to hide themselves in cloying mists, as well as cloak themselves in illusion, for example making them appear as harmless travelers, damsels in distress, or friendly fey creatures. Unlike their green hag cousins they don't use this ability to assume humanoid form (via "alter self") to infiltrate societies and inflict misery through social manipulations, but instead use it to lure victims into a false sense of security before attacking — often posing as travelers in need of aid or pilgrims seeking to share a camp.

They find the flesh of children, young animals, and the pure of heart particularly pleasing, both for the tenderness of such meals and for the sorrow such murders spread. After gorging themselves, these hags delight in stripping the skin from their victims, often garbing themselves in the grisly trophies.

These hags are also known to retain and even preserve identifiable portions of their victims (such as heads) for later use in spreading misery. An annis who eats the children of a local farmer might keep the heads (or at least the faces) handy to return to the victims’ parents, for example — often in the guise of an anonymous gift. The most insidious of annis hags present these gifts in ways that implicate friends or family in the victim’s death.

Annis covens often seek to recruit additional creatures as guardians, and are particularly fond of trolls and ogres for such roles.

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