CL 12th
Aura strong tran-
Nature: Magic Armor Ability
Cost: +2 bonus
Limit: Shields only (not tower shields)

●As a Move action, the shield can be loosed to defend its wielder on its own.
●For the following 4 rounds, the shield grants its bonus to the one who loosed it and then drops.

●While animated, it provides its shield bonus and the bonuses from all of the other shield special abilities it has.
●It can't take actions on its own (like those provided by the bashing & blinding abilities).
●It can, however, use special abilities that don't require an action to function (such as arrow deflection & reflecting).

●While animated, it shares the same space as the activator & accompanies them, even if the character moves by magical means.
●Activator still takes any penalties associated with the shield's use, like armor check penalty, arcane spell failure, & non-proficiency.

●If the wielder who loosed it has an unoccupied hand, they can grasp it to end its animation as a Free action.
●Once a shield has been retrieved, it can't be animated again for at least 4 rounds.

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