Cassisian 2
Dapsara 4
Iophanite 4
Choral 6
Balisse 8
(x) Deva CR
Movanic 10
Monadic 12
Astral 14
Planetar 16
Empyrean 20
Solar 23
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Celestials
Alignment: Any Good
World: Syrania, the Azure Sky


Angels are a race of celestials, archetypal beings who are native to the eternal heaven of Syrania, one of the outer dimensions. They are physical embodiments of goodness in all the forms it may take.

Most mortals assume that angels never lie, cheat, or steal, are impeccably honorable in all their dealings, and are the most trustworthy and diplomatic of all beings. While this may be true of many angels, it ignores the fact that the principles of selflessness and altruism can express themselves in many forms, not all of them as civilized or honest as many expect.

All angels are blessed with extraordinary beauty, though their actual appearances vary widely. Their natural shapechanging ability means they may appear to mortals as male or female, depending on their personal preference or the will of their archangel. As they are spiritual creatures given a physical form rather than creatures of flesh born of other creatures, their gender is mutable; some angels always use a form, some strictly a female one, and others use either or both, or prefer an androgynous or sexless shape.

Technically the word “angel” refers to a specific type of celestial beings, but many mortals use the term loosely and apply it to any celestial, whether it's an actual angel, one of the guardian archons, fey-like azatas, beast-like agathions, or any other creature of the dimensions of goodness. The angels don't take affront at this, as they have more important things to deal with than mortal nomenclature.

The native language of angels is Syranian, though they also speak the archon-language Celestial as well as Draconic and Infernal. This is seldom overly relevant, as they easily can communicate with almost any creature because of their "truespeech" ability, which makes other creatures hear them as if the angel was speaking in the listener's own primary language.

All angels have a number of abilities they all share, as part of being of the angelic race. Most angels also have additional powers beyond these traits, depending on the role their archangel or duties assigns them. For example, an angelic guardian of volcanoes might have the (fire) subtype, or the protector of a sunken city might be (aquatic), amphibious, and able to use her wings to swim.


Saves: +4 racial bonus vs Poison.
Immunities: ●Acid, ●Cold, ●Petrification.
Resistances: Electricity: 10. Fire: 10.
Perception: ●Darkvision: 60 feet. ●Low-light vision.

Protective Aura (Su): ●CL = angel's HD.
●All within 20 foot radius get +4 to AC (deflection) & +4 to saving throws (resistance), but only against attacks or effects made by evil creatures.
●Area also affected as per ''lesser globe of invulnerability'': spells of lvl≤ 3 can't be cast on target within radius by people outside area, and area of effect won't include area within 20 feet, Spell Level 4.
●Area also affected as per ''magic circle against evil'': *Evil summoned beings can't enter area if angel overcomes their SR, *All in radius are immune to attempts by evil beings to possess or mental-control, *If there's such an effect active in area, target gets 1 extra save (with a +2 morale bonus) to suppress that effect, rendering it inert while inside radius. *The defensive benefits of the "magic circle" are usually not included in the angel's stat block. *Spell Level 3.

Truespeech (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a ''tongues'' spell (CL=HD). Always active.

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