CL 10th
Aura Moderate
Spells levitate
Nature: Magic Weapon Ability
Cost: +2 bonus
Limit: Only melee or thrown weapons

●The weapon can pin a target in place and prevent it from moving.
●Weapon remains motionless & can't be used to attack while it's anchoring a target.

●As a Swift action, the weapon can be fixed in place in a point in space, functioning as an "immovable rod".
●This ability can also be used when the weapon is used to hit a creature with a melee attack.

●This anchors the target to the weapon, preventing it from moving away from the weapon.
●The target is not entangled or paralyzed; it simply can't move from its location.
●They can make a successful DC 30 Strength check as a Full-round action to move up to 10 fet with the weapon.
●Target can end this effect by destroying the weapon.

●The anchoring has no effect on amorphous creatures, including elementals, oozes, and creatures in gaseous or liquid form.
●It can't anchor incorporeal creatures unless the weapon also has the ghost touch special ability.

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