Alien Colour ("Colour out of Space")

Nature: Creature
Type: Ooze (Incorporeal)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Size: Huge
CR: 10

First Encountered: 21.3 "The Colour out of Cyre"

Description: Read the short story "The Colour out of Space", by H.P. Lovecraft.

"An eerie radiance, a glow unlike anything else, fills the area, bringing with it a stifling sense of latent malignancy."

This specific specimen seems to have come from the Glowing Chasm in the Mournland.

Information: The deepest, strangest parts the world hold truly alien beings - and of those, few are more notorious than the alien colour. The lack of a physical body does little to impede this deadly alien life form's ability to cause incredible devastation to other life it encounters.

The alien colour is just that - a mobile radiance. Its glow is unlike any seen in nature. The few who encounter one of these creatures and survive sometimes describe the radiance or portray it in art as a sinister, green-gray illumination, but these depictions are flawed reproductions. To witness the alien colour is to know there are things no humanoid mind can fully comprehend, describe, or explain.

Although a colour is incorporeal, and thus able to move through solid objects, it can also exist as a free-floating, eerie radiance. Natural sunlight doesn't particularly harm alien colours, but they prefer to dwell in darkened areas like deep caves or abandoned wells where their own radiance is the only light.

Over the course of several weeks, months, or even years, the colour feeds upon the surrounding plant and animal life - the act of being fed upon is weirdly addictive to its victims, who develop a self-destructive lassitude that prevents them from fleeing the region.

Areas blighted by an alien colour are singularly recognizable, not only for the eerie pallor of local plant life and large swaths of blasted, barren landscape, but also by the presence of those the colour has fed on. These unfortunate, deformed individuals, known as "colour-blighted creatures", never live for long, but while they do, their madness often drives them to violent behavior, be they people or beasts.

The "creature's" motive (if any) is unknown and it is nigh-impossible to discern whether or not the colour is emotional, moral, or even conscious, in any way that mortals can understand these terms.

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