Nature: Character Class
Type: NPC class, divine magic user

Basic Traits

HD: d6. Skills: 2 +Int.
BaB: Bad. Good saves: Will.

Proficiencies: All simple weapons.
Other: At 2nd level, they get the Familiar class trait

Casting Ability: Wisdom.
Magic: Prepares spells each day, chosen freely from the list of all spells available to the class.
Tool: Each adept has a particular holy symbol (as a "divine focus" item), depending on their magical tradition

They meditate or pray for their spells, receiving them as divine inspiration or through their own strength of faith.

Setting Differences

In Eberron, many who work within a religion yet aren't powerful enough to be full clerics, have levels in the adept class. An adept in Eberron is identical to the normal adept NPC class presented in the Pathfinder books, with 1 important exception: The adept can select 1 single cleric domain. An adept doesn't gain bonus domain spells as a cleric does, but she adds the spells of her domain to her regular adept spell list and can prepare these domain spells in place of her usual spells.

While most adepts follow one of the major religions of Khorvaire, from the Silver Flame to the Cults of the Dragon Below, even adepts who do not worship a specific deity get to select a domain. A wise woman of the Talenta Plains hobbits might have the Community domain, while a disturbed adept dabbling in the forbidden knowledge of the daelkyr could develop the Madness domain.

If a cleric takes a level in the adept class, he does not get to select a new domain, but he can add the spells from one of his current domains to his adept spell list. Likewise, an adept who takes cleric levels must use her adept domain as one of her two cleric domains.

Known Adepts

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