Nature: Country
Continent: Sarlona

Nation Basics

Motto: "The storm cannot move the mountain"
Ruler: Chanaakar, Speaker of the Word (unofficial)
Capital: Kasshta Keep (unofficial)
Heraldry: The closest to a national symbol is that of the Path of Light.

Area: 745'000 square miles.
Climate: Temperate, with warm lowlands and cold highlands.
Population: 320'0001 (51% human, 45% kalashtar, 4% other)
Major Cities: Dvaarnava, Haztaratain Monastery, Malshashar, Tashalatora, Xephanan, Zi'til'natek.
Highest Point: Korrandar, elevation 32'485 feet.





Adaran Names

Adaran names follow an ancient tradition of double vowels. Most Adarans have a single given name followed by a family or clan name. Some folk reverse this order, placing the family name first. Many monks and almost all kalashtar have only one name, and kalasthar names are often mixtures of an Adaran syllable with the normal kalashtar male or female suffixes. Some Adaran humans take kalashtar suffixes or names as monikers to represent their faith in the Path of Light - others are given such names by devout parents.

Female: Aapti, Bhimaa, Chaand, Deena, Fuulgani, Geetya, Himaadri, Heruuna, Inuu, Jharee, Kyamun, Leel, Muneera, Neeta, Novaa, Paamin, Rhaaki, Shameena, Taapasee, Uudipti, Vusgaar

Male: Aadarsh, Biir, Chintuuk, Dileep, Ekuumbar, Geet, Hazgaal, Ishwaar, Jeevan, Kuumar, Lhaaksh, Manuu, Neel, Ojaas, Paaras, Praagya, Roopak, Shreesh, Tyag, Uudhav, Vyed, Yaagya

Surnames: Are like given names, honoring an ancestor seen as the progenitor of the family or clan.


Known Things

Five Things Every Adaran Knows:
1. The legend of Taratai. Taratai was the mysterious spirit that led other spirits into Adar to create the kalashtar, and teach the Path of Light. She is a holy mother, a guide and a warrior. Everyone knows of her sacrifice, and many people in Adar set aside 5 days of winter to mourn her passing. This "holiday" is called the Void of Taratai.

2. The dragons created Adar. Ada is an unnatural amalgam of mountains and storms. The dragons and couatls created the place to make it impossible to get to an evil that sleeps beneath the land. Draconic magic still calls to the unique and the wild to come to Adar and protect it. The Storm Guardians who rule mysterious Korrandar are seen as proof of this.

3. Some martial arts. Many people in Adar know a few dance steps from the Path of Shadows or a formalized routine from a nearby monastery. Most practice these forms as morning exercise and meditation, and many of them actually know how to fight (and have the "Improved Unarmed Strike" feat).

4. Actions mean more than words. Whether it's meditation on the Path of Light, stalking and killing a mountain lion that's been eating livestock, or just planting your barley on time, doing something is better than talking or vacillation. In fact, one of the precepts of the Path of Light is that the worst action to take is no action at all.

5. Death is not the end. Adherents of the Path of Light believe that nothing in the world or on any plane is eternal. Dolurrh is a place where the ego dies, but the spirit is immortal, and it returns to the material world again and again. The goal of living is eventually to master the Path of Light, thereby transcending fear and false desires. Those who accomplish this become one with il-Yannah.


Adaran Speech

The people are forthright and honest among those they trust, but taciturn and suspicious among strangers. Love of the moment is acknowledged even in conversation, and having met an old friend on the road is an excuse for being late to work in Adar. A chance to talk is not to be missed.

The following turns of phrase are distinctly Adaran:

"Storm or quake, the path is clear." - Adarans believe that a person always knows what is right if that person takes the time to focus on the situation at had. Indecisiveness and idleness earn an Adaran a reputation for being unreliable and even foolish.

"Wind and thunder!" - An exclamation of dismay.

"Don't drive the goats so you can sit by the fire." or "Don't break your back for a burden you've put down." - Variations of this phrase exist throughout Adar, admonishing one to take wise actions without concern for the past or future. All that matters is doing the task at hand to the best of one's ability. All else is needless distraction - the past is unchangeable and the future can take care of itself, and it will if one acts well in the present.


Known Adarans


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