Item Cost Effect
Ammunition +60 gp/unit Ignore Hardness ≤ 20
Weapon +3'000 gp Ignore Hardness ≤ 20
Light Armor +5'000 gp Damage Reduction 1 / —
Medium Armor +10'000 gp Damage Reduction 2 / —
Heavy Armor +15'000 gp Damage Reduction 3 / —
Nature: Equipment
Type: Special Material

Adamantine is extremely strong and favored by weapon and armor smiths alike for its ability to cut through solid barriers with ease and endure heavy blows.

Mined from rocks that fell from the heavens, this ultrahard metal adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor.

Material Traits

●Hardness 20
●40 HP per inch of thickness
●Weapon and armor types normally made of steel that are made of adamantine have 1/3rd more HP than normal.
●Items without metal parts cannot be made from adamantine (f.ex. an arrow could be made of adamantine, but a quarterstaff couldn't).


Arms & Armor

●Weapons or armors fashioned from adamantine are always "Masterwork" items as well (the masterwork cost is included in the prices given above).
●Thus, adamantine weapons & ammunition have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls
●The armor check penalty of adamantine armor is lessened by 1, compared to ordinary armor of its type.

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