Devil, Accomplice (Hesperian)
Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Devil

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 4

First Encountered: 9.3 "Thranespotting"

Description: ''This robed figure appears human, except for snake-like eyes, a pair of devilish horns, and the occasional dart of a forked tongue.''

In his true form, a hesperian looks like a devilishly handsome human male with devilish horns, a forked tongue, and eyes reminiscent of a snake's, but he can make himself a perfect imitation of any humanoid. They stand just under 7 feet tall and weigh approximately 180 pounds.

Information: Hesperians come to the mortal world to help guide influential individuals and their followers into the grasp of evil. Once the devil finds a suitable target for his clever wiles, he tells his victims whatever they need to hear, usually that the hesperian has recognized that person's talents and potential.

They usually follow up on this by claiming to have come to the mortal realm in order to guide the target as a ''chosen one'', and promises to carry the individual past the threshold of greatness. It's all a tangled lie, of course, but the best lies are the ones that at some point can be made into truths.

A hesperian encourages envy, overreaching, pride, and ultimately hubris in his targets, urging his victims to strive toward ever bolder and more grandiose destinies. They fan the flames of his mania and delusions, subtly urging him to more and more extreme actions and choices. For many, this means assisting the victim in amassing power, wealth, prestige, or whatever else the victim desires, all the while inflating their eho and cultivating their belief in their own worthiness and infallibility.

Once fully convinced of her own incontrovertible position, the victim is usually only a gentle push from hell's grasp.

Always serving themselves and their archdevil lord, hesperians are careful to not show too much of their hand, preferring to beguile and manipulate from the shadows. They often attach themselves to a leader of some sort within a group. He advises this leader, all the while manipulating other members – even sacrificing them if necessary – to help this mortal leader's ascendance without her having any direct accountability.

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