Nature: Tribe of Hobbits
Residence: Talenta Plains
Lath: Lathon Halpum

The single largest hobbit tribe, sporting well over a thousand members, hasn't found to be any life simpler since the Last War. Halpum wants nothing to do with ruling the Talenta Plains as a whole: he had the chance to become a great king after the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and rejected it.

Now, he looks at the chaos besetting Khorvaire and wonders if he made the proper decision. Halpum believes with all his heart that the Last War has merely gone quiescent, that it must erupt again and again until one power holds dominance. He fears the same is true of the hobbit tribes, because the tentative peace and unification inspired by the war has already begun to fray around the edges.

Egged on by others of his tribe - many of whom see an Abramam king as a toold to advance their own ambitions and settle old feuds - Halpum might soon be forced into an impossible choice: Risk losing the support and respect he currently enjoys, or make use of it and the military might of his tribe to carve out a throne that he doesn't actually want.

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