Aberrant Mark

Nature: Dragonmark (but not one of the "True" marks)
Race: All of the dragonmarked races
"House": Tarkanan
Skill: Intimidate


Save DC = (10 + Spell level + Charisma Modifier).
Caster Level (CL) = 1/2 character's lvl, +3 (if Lesser mark), +5 (if Greater mark), or CL = 16 (if Khyber)
●Unless otherwise noted, these are (initially) usable once per day each, but this can be increased
2 = usable twice per day, not once. ●M= costly component, ●MoE = from ''Magic of Eberron'' book




1.Burning Hands: Shoot 15-ft cone of fire, does 1d4 dmg/CL (max 5d4) & ignites. Reflex: half.
1.Cause Fear: Make 1 living HD≤ 5 creature ''frightened'', will flee 1d4 rounds. Will save: ''shaken''
1.Charm Person: Make 1 person act as if you are a close friend, 1h/CL. Will negates
1.Chill Touch: One touch/CL deals 1d6 Negative Energy dmg & target Fort saves or gets 1 Str dmg.
Undead target isn't harmed at all, but must Will save to not flee as if ''panicked'' for 1d4+CL rounds.
1.Detect Secret Doors: Find hidden doors, openings, etc, within 60ft cone. Concntr, max 1 min/CL
1.Feather Fall: 1 target/CL falls slowly (1 Large=2 Medium), for 1 round/CL. Range 25ft+5ft/2CL
1.Inflict Light Wounds: Touch deals 1d8+CL (max +5) Neg. Energy dmg (heals undead).Will: half
1.Jump: Touched target gets +10 on Jump checks (or +20 at CL5, +30 at CL9), for 1 minute/CL.
1.Light: Touched object shines like a torch, normal light in 20-foot radius, for 10 minutes per CL
1.Pass Without Trace: Targets touched (max 1/CL) leave no tracks or scent trail for 1 hour per CL.
1.Produce Flame: Make hand-held torch-bright fire, 1min/CL.
Can do touch or ranged touch attack for 1d6+CL dmg (max +5).
If thrown, range 120ft. Each attack reduces remaining time by 1 minute.
1.Shield: Invisible disc of force gives +4 shield bonus to AC & blocks magic missiles, 1 minute/CL
1.Floating Disk: Makes a 3-ft-diameter horizontal disk of force. Floats ≤ 3ft high, follows at ≤ your base spd,
unless otherwise directed, within 25ft+5ft/2CL, carries 100lbs/CL or 2 gallons, 1 hour/CL.




Drawback: After using a Lesser power, you must win a DC 10 Fort save or be dazed for 1 round.
4.Bestow Curse: Permanent, Will negates. Gives target 1 of the following:
●–6 to one ability (to min 1); ●– 4 on attack rolls, saves & checks;
●50% chance of losing every single action they attempt.
4.Contagion: Touch attack inflicts 1 disease (blinding sickness, bubonic plague, cackle fever, filth
fever, leprosy, mindfire, red ache, shakes, or slimy doom
; p557). No onset period. Fort negates.
2.Darkvision:2 Touched target can see 60ft in total darkness (black & white only) for 1 hour per CL
2.Death Knell:2 Kills dying creature; you gain 1d8 temporary HP, +2 to Str, & +1 lvl.
2.False Life:2 Give self temporary HP = 1d10+1/CL (max +10) for 1 hour per CL (or until used up).
4(3).Poison: Touch poisons, doing 1d3 Con dmg/round, for 6 rounds. New Fort save/round to end it
3.Rage: Give +2 Str & Con, +1 on Will, –2AC, to 1 target/3CL, max 30ft apart, range 100ft+10/CL
Lasts Concentration+1 round/CL. Otherwise identical to barbarian's rage, except not fatigued after.
2.Scare:2 Makes 1 target/3CL (each of HD<6) become ''frightened'', flee for 1 round/CL. None to be
affected can be over 30ft from any other, has range of 100ft+10ft/CL. Will save: ''shaken'' 1 round.
2.Scorching Ray:2 Ranged touch for 4d6 fire dmg. Shoot 2 rays at CL8, 3 rays at CL11,spread≤30ft
3.Sleet Storm: ●Downpour blocks all sight (even darkvision). ●Extinguishes torches & small fires.
●Makes ground icy. ●Walk is≤1/2 speed & takes Acrobatics DC10. Fail: No move for round.
If fail by 5 or more: Fall down. ►40ft-radius cylinder, 20ft high. ►Range 400ft +40ft/CL. ►1 round/CL.
3.Suggestion: Target does 1 (reasonable) course of action you suggest, max 1 hour/CL. Will negates
2.Summon Swarm:2 Make a bat-, rat-, or spider-swarm appear anywhere within 25ft +5ft/2CL.
It'll attack all other creatures in same area. If none, moves to closest creature. Lasts Concentr +2 rounds
2.Touch of Idiocy:2 Touch deals 1d6 Int, Wis & Cha damage, which lasts 10 min per CL (no save).
3.Vampiric Touch: Touch for 1d6 dmg/2CL(≤ 10d).Get temp-HP= dmg(≤ victim's HP+Con),1h/CL




Drawback: After using a Greater power, you must win a DC 15 Fort save or be dazed for 1 round.
5.Cloudkill: ●Creates poisonous fog. ●All in area get effect per their HD. ●HD1–3: Auto-killed.
HD 4–6: Fort save to survive & only get 1d4 Con dmg/round spent in cloud. ●HD 7+: get 1d4 Con
dmg per round in the cloud. Fort save for 1/2 dmg. ●Covers a 20-ft radius spead, 20ft high, at range
of 100ft+10ft/CL. ●Fog moves away from caster, shifts entire area 10ft/round. ●Last 1 minute/CL.
5.Cone of Cold: All within this 60-ft burst get 1d6/CL cold damage (max 15d). Reflex save for half
4.Confusion:2 Creatures in 15ft-radius burst are ''confused'', 1 round/CL.Will negates. 100ft+10/CL
5.Dominate Person: Controls person telepathically, for 1 day per CL(if on same plane),will negates
4.Enervation:2 Ray deals 1d4 Negative lvls for 1 hour/CL (max 15). If undead: +1d4 ×5 temp HP.
4.Fear:2 Living beings in 30ft-cone ''panicked'', flee/cower 1 round/CL.Will save: ''shaken'' 1 round
5.Feeblemind: Reduce Int & Cha to 1 for one target within 100ft+10ft/CL. Permanent, Will negates.
Can't use Int or Cha skills, do spells, understand language, or communicate. Knows who friends are.
4.Fire Shield:2 Cover self in hot or cold flame. ●Unarmed or hand-held atcks on you suffer 1d6+CL
[Fire or Cold] dmg (max+15). ●Light in 10ft is 1 step brighter. ●Take 1/2 dmg from [Fire or Cold]-
based attacks. If Reflex save reduces it to 1/2 dmg, take no dmg if succeeds. ●Lasts 1 round per CL.
5.Flame Strike: ●Column deals 1d6 damage/CL (max 15d). ●Half is Fire dmg, other half is divine
power (not ''energy''). ●10ft-radius, 40ft high area. ●Range is 100ft+10ft/CL. ●Reflex: get 1/2 dmg.
5.Insect Plague: Produce 1 wasp swarm/3CL(max 18), at 400ft+40/CL, attacks all there, 1 min/CL.
5.Mass Inflict Light Wounds: Do 1d8+CL dmg (max+25) to 1target/CL,15ft-radius, at 25ft +5ft/2CL
4.Phantasmal Killer:2 Illusion makes living target die of fright. First Will save to disbelive. If fails,
Fort save to survive & only take 3d6 dmg. Range is 100ft +10ft/CL. Only target can see the illusion
5.Slay Living: Touch attack deals 12d6+CL dmg to live being. Fort save reduces it to 3d6+CL dmg.




8.Clenched Fist: Large magic hand provides cover, pushes, or attacks your foes, 1 round per CL.
7.Finger of Death: 10 dmg/CL to 1 target in Close range (25ft+5/2CL);only 3d6+CL with Fort save
7.Fire Storm: Flames do 1d6 dmg/CL(max 20d6), in 10-ft cube/CL area (natural vegetation spared)
7.Greater Arcane Sight: See magic auras at 120ft; know place + power of each, auto-identifies any
spells & magic effects active on seen things. Can check if creature casts spells & ID items. 1min/CL
8.Greater Shout: 60ft cone deals 10d6 sonic dmg; stuns 1 round, deaf 4d6 rounds. Fort halves dmg
8.Mass Inflict Critical Wounds: Do 4d8 dmg +1/CL (max +40) to 1creature/CL, at 25ft +5ft /2CL.
7.Mass Invisibility: All in 180 ft radius made unseeable for 1 minute/CL.Ends if any of them attack
7.Power Word Blind: Target blind 1d4+1 rounds if HP<100, 1d4+1 min if HP<100, permant if <50
7.Reverse Gravity: Everything falls upward within area (one 10-foot-cube per CL), for 1 round/CL
7.Scalding Touch:MoE Can do 1 touch attack per CL, each inflicting 13d6 fire dmg & dazes victim.
7.Sunbeam: 60-ft. line blinds & does 4d6 dmg, 1 use/3CL(max 6), can do 1/round, for 1 round/CL.
Light-vulnerable targets get 2×dmg, undead get 1d6dmg/CL(max 20d6).Reflx for 1/2dmg+not blind
8.Sympathy:M Item or area appealing to creatures chosen at casting.10ft-cube/CL(area). 2 hours/CL
8.Telekinetic Sphere: Force globe protects & traps 1 subject. You can move sphere telekinetically.
7.Vision:M Pose query on person/place/item, get vision about it. CL check: ●With/at subject: DC20.
●Has detailed info about subject: DC 25 & get less intel ●Only rumours: DC30 ●Is ''fatigued'' after
6.Wind Walk: You+1 ally/3CL turn gaseous, fly speed 10ft (perfect) or travel 600ft/round (poor),
for 1 hour/CL. While it lasts, targets can spend 5 rounds to switch between solid & ''cloud''-forms.


Marked People

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