Welcome to the home website for this year's Saga campaign!


This website is a continual work in progress. New material will be added constantly.

Note (11.05.2016): Well, we have reached the end of the line, and the very last session of this campaign will be held tonight.

We hope that anyone who wants to be part of this concluding episode can find the time to participate.

There's a tight schedule this time, so we advise folks to not show up overly late.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped out this past year, and to all of the players whose interest and participation has made this saga possible.

Note (10.04.2016): The literally game-changing supplement book "Ultimate Intrigue" is finally published & available.

Once the primary GM has finished devouring this 250-page collection of new rules, options and powers (and has managed to stop cackling gleefully), we will try to evaluate which of the many, many new spells, feats, items, archetypes and other new features will be available in the saga.

On first browsing, this looks to be a LOT of material that seems ok enough to include, so it might not be feasible for us to make an actual list. Players are encouraged to request cool stuff on case-by-case basis.

Update: Have added list of (currently) approved Ultimate Intrigue Spells to wiki's Houserule section.

Also: Now added list of (currently) approved Ultimate Intrigue Feats.

Note (09.04.2016): The saga is rapidly drawing towards the end, and we now only have 5 sessions left before this campaign is officially over. (though a new saga will begin again in the autumn, as usual).

Now, the GM-team has been severely short-staffed ever since we lost critical members over the new year's holiday, but this situation has now grown even more difficult given that the main GM & primary organizer has moved to a new job, one which strongly reduces the amount of hours available for working on saga.

Therefore, if the wiki updates seem to lag behind even more than usual, or if your messages and requests take a lot of time before being answered (if they're properly responded to at all), you now know the reasons behind this. We hope people will bear over with us as we try to keep up with the workload despite the current challenges.

Lastly: There has been a rather severe change in the plans for how people are to level in the upcoming weeks, namely that we will keep to the 2-weeks-per-level progression we've had thus far, which will result in the characters reaching level 19 in the end (as opposed to ending up on lvl 18, which had been the plan until now).

Note (18.12.2015): Firstly, we have to inform that there sadly won't be any Saga game session next week, on December the 23rd, but we're confident that there will still be gaming the week after, on December 30th.

Secondly, it seems I've been utterly mis-remembering how Action Points actually work: When the mechanics say you get to roll 2d6, you then choose ONE of those results to add to your d20 roll, not BOTH of them. We apologize for the trouble this error might have cause people.

Thirdly, the site now has a section covering Combat Maneuvers, and the PDF-compendium on Maneuver Feats has been IMMENSELY updated: Not only has several new feats been added, but now it actually inclues the full mechanics of the relevant feats, and isn't just a mere index of what feats exist. It's now a proper 14-page compendium, which we hope people will be somewhat useful to people.

Note (30.11.2015): As we're now entering the final month of the year, there are several things we feel we should make people aware of:

●Since people have become 8th-level characters, using an Action Point to boost a d20 roll now gives a +2d6 bonus.

●We have not only updated the lists for Magic Weapons and Magic Armor to also include entries for Ranged weapons and Shields, but we can finally announce that ALL of said special abilities have finally gotten fully written-up entries on this wiki!

●After some very good research and reasoning from one or two players, and some more evaluations from the GM team, it has been decided that we will drop the houserule limiting ALL item creation by the caster level of the crafter.

DO NOTE: A lot of items are still limited by CL, as stated in the mechanics of the rulebooks. This has not changed.

●We have tried to catch up on the NPC entries on the wiki, and though we're still woefully behind and many characters have been forgotten, we hope that perhaps others can also contribute here, by making new pages for the various people they remember meeting in the game, and who left an impression.

It doesn't have to be big or detailed, as every little bit helps, and others can always add to whatever little info you put up here.

●Finally, we have recently uploaded a PDF-compendium of those race/culture-specific combat style Feats that we have tried to convert to the Pathfinder mechanics.

A lot of these have appeared in the various race-writeups on this wiki in their original D&D 3.5 format, but with this document we have tried to update to the current ruleset. Hopefully, players will find something of interest there (and it won't be too horribly bad-wrong, mechanically speaking).

Note (20.10.2015): We are now roughly 1/4th done with the saga, and hopefully people are happy with how things have worked out thus far.

Several sizeable updates have happened since last time, like improved "navigation panels" for the all the Sharn district-pages (like links to the neighborhoods above and below as well), plus finally ALL the districts now have a little map-image of what the area looks like.

There are also quite a lot more coverage on the page of creatures, most notably the main categories of outsider (angel, demon, devil, quori, etc), full coverage on the different Homunculi & how to make them, as well as most of the critters the players have encountered thus far.

Last but not least, we would like to point out that Item Creation has gotten houseruled a little bit, and the availability of spells has been given some actual guidelines.

There's also lots of other miscellaneous additions, like the Druidic Faiths, new (and fixed) prestige classes, rage powers, updated Dragonmark Feats, and more.

Note (26.09.2015): The various Conditions characters can suffer from have now been added, as well as several other minor updates (f.ex. Half-Orc feats, improved PDF for Cleric and Barbarian, more creatures actually getting pages, etc), and most of the classes have now gotten custom character sheets.

Sadly, the sorcerer bloodlines for true and aberrant dragonmarks have not yet been fixed, partly because no players have seemed to need them. If someone should want to use these, inform us of this and we'll make them a top priority.

Note (15.09.2015): We finally have the first version of the page covering the Psionics mechanics, and at long last the custom Character Sheets are now available online!

Note (04.09.2015): It's long-delayed, but we finally got the more vital houserules written up for everyone to read, which also includes our stance on archetypes.

We have also tried to list as many of the player characters, and as accurately, as our notes will permit. If someone has been overlooked, or some of the info is wrong, we hope players will either inform us or correct it themselves.

Note (22.08.2015): We are still in the process of heavily revising many of the setting-specific feats, and the "dragonmarked" bloodline turned out to have issues we needed to deal with.

We hope to have these topics covered and finalized in short order, but until then we hope people can show some patience and understanding, and for players not to base too much of their character plans on these elements of the mechanics.

On the positive side, the Artificer should now be ready for player usge, at least until well into 15th level or so.


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